Beautifully handcrafted in Staffordshire

Launch. Live. Official.

The official, Original Gluggle Jug website is now live!

Bold, iconic, fearless and unique in design, launching to stardom in the 1950s after being gifted to the Royal Family, Gluggle Jugs represent everything that is British.

For 150 years, this endearing design has amused households and businesses all over the world. Bold and quirky, the jug is famed for the gluggling sound made as the liquid contents are poured out from its open mouth.

Still handcrafted today in Staffordshire, the timeless ceramic centrepiece is fully glazed inside and out. Whether you’re having a family get-together, throwing a dinner party or impressing guests at a corporate event, The Original Gluggle Jug is sure to surprise and draw attention.

With the potential to be whatever you desire, from toothbrush holder to vase, you can be sure to find the perfect jug for you, available and adored internationally, explore our website to find out more.


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