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Originally founded in 1810 as a producer of ceramic items for industry, Wade has evolved over the years to become one of Britain’s most cherished manufacturers.

Just like our designs, our history is illustrious. Working with well-known global brands we’ve been fortunate enough to deliver beautiful, ceramic commemorative pieces for many iconic moments in 20th century history.


Re-using broken pieces of ceramic for artistic and home renovation projects is widespread, but we like to take things further. That’s why we practice sustainable manufacturing by recycling waste heat, waste water and excess clay for maximum use. We also save on road miles – and associated emissions – by always trying to source our raw materials locally.

Our porcelain is lead-free (Proposition 65), 100% food-safe and ISO9001:2015 certified.


With craftsmanship at the very heart of our company, we’ve developed a process which ensures quality at every stage of manufacturing. From product innovation, to state-of-the-art technology, at Wade this is how we combine the best of British workmanship with contemporary and premium style.

It enables us to manufacture ceramic products from 5ml to giant 40 litre flagons. And virtually any shape – think away from typical bottle decanters to dogs, rugby balls and even mermaids. All finished in a beautiful array of glazes, or printed with the most intricate artwork. This is your design – and we will work with you to turn it into reality.

Over the years, we’ve produced many homeware items for iconic brands.

From classic to contemporary, these interior artefacts are practical and ornamental, subtle yet impressive. Visit our main site for a comprehensive look at our collections.



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